Gallery Show: Precision and Pattern

I was recently selected to exhibit artwork in a group show called Precision and Pattern at the City Without Walls Gallery in Newark, NJ. The show was beautifully curated by Christine Soccio Romanell.

Here is my piece, “Lucky,” and an excerpt of my artist statement:

“…the artist takes otherwise repetitive technique and elevates it through a study of improvisational quilting and abstract expressionism — exploring the natural tension between free expression and traditionally domestic space both as to craft and creativity. Both spontaneous and beautiful, “Lucky” also satiates utilitarian need.”


I thoroughly enjoyed creating a piece out of textiles with a contemporary aesthetic while exploring how it affects my identity, my journey and roles I create as a woman and an artist.

The eleven artists in the show each use different mediums to explore the concept of ‘Precision and Pattern’ in their work.

A sampling of the amazing work from the show by: Alexandra Schoenberg, Nancy Baker, Steve DeFrank, Christine Soccio Romanell, Stephen Douglass, Pat Lay, Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern, Gregory Coates, Leslie Courtney Adler, Jamie Levine.

Alex      Nancy Baker

Steve DeFrank        Chris2 Stephen Douglass        Pat Lay

Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern       Gregory Coates    Jamie Levine

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